Thursday, May 2, 2013


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It's a nice, warm night. One of those nights where you refuse to be trapped in the house. I hit my niggas up and we all agreed to hit the club tonight.

We arrive at the club at midnight and the parking lot was hella packed. There is no way I was going to stand in the regular line. I persuaded my niggas to go ahead and pay extra so we can go right through the VIP.

As we walk in, the dance floor is pretty crowded, the DJ is hyping everybody up, the atmosphere is humid, and most importantly pretty women everywhere.

I'm wearing a fitted, t-shirt with explicit graphic, raw black jeans and Retro 11 Jordan's.

I manage to wrangle free of my niggas while I take a walk, squeezing through the dance floor.

I spot you, wearing a tight little black vest, short shorts and heels. My mind floods with the things I want to do to you. Your body is perfect to me, good size boobs with a lovely shape. Your ass is eating those shorts, your legs slender and smooth.

You spot me walking over to you and say something to your friend, she steps aside. I lean to your side and into your ear to tell you that I've never seen such beautiful eyes. You laugh off my line and tell me that I'm a little too sure of myself. I smile and tell you that you will be sure of me by the end of the night.

Without hesitation, I start kissing on your neck, it becomes quite wild and erotic, we are dancing and grinding to the RnB music that is blasting out the speakers. My hand wanders up to your titties, you push your ass up onto my hard dick, bending and bouncing away teasing me to the point where I can hardly control myself.

You walk off, turn and look me straight in the eyes. I follow, mesmerized. You stand at the bar, slightly bending over it, I come and stand behind you and my hand slides between your legs. You gently grab my dick in acknowledgement. I start to rub two fingers back and forth, I can feel every detail of your moistening pussy. My fingers have slightly spread your lips, massaging your clit and teasing your wet pussy.

"Someone isn't wearing panties" I whisper.

I take you by the hand, telling you "Let's dip out!"

We squeezed our way towards the exit and rushed to get to my car. As I reached to open the door for you, you push me against my car and lift my shirt. You start to kiss my abs, lick my nipples, your hand slides down my jeans and firmly grabs my hard dick. I get a firm grip on your hair and tell you let's drive around the block and find a more private place we can park.

I drove down the street until it ended and in front of us was a park. There were trees all around, the moon shone on the water and I could see stars in the sky. I thought to myself, “This was the perfect setting."

We got out of the car and we moved to the backseat. I pulled you closer and reached my hand into your shorts. My fingers slid between your pussy lips and I groaned “You’re so wet!! Can't wait to get inside of you.”

We both wriggled out of our pants. I told you to lie on your back and I positioned myself between your legs. I pulled my condom out of my pocket and ripped open the packaging. You licked your lips in anticipation as I rolled the condom down the length of my dick.

I slid the head of my dick up and down over your clit, covering my dick with your juices. You moaned and moved your hips into my dick and begged me “Put it in me!”

I teased you for a few more moments before roughly putting my dick into into your dripping wet pussy.

“Oh God!” I said. “I can feel your juices all over me.”

I started pumping my dick in and out of your pussy and I couldn’t believe that I was having sex in a car with a girl that I've just met! I don't even know your name.

But damn…it felt amazing!!!

You tried to kiss me a few times but I turned away every time. I always believed that kissing causes feelings, and feelings causes problems. I just wanted to have fun with no feelings attached.

I realized that your bra was still on, so I unhooked it but I still left your shirt on just incase we needed to make a quick exit.

I bent over to take your nipple in my mouth.

“Oh yesss baby, suck on that tit,” You moaned encouragingly as I nibbled and licked your nipple. I turned my attention to the other tit and sucked on it so that both your nipples were rock hard and wet from my mouth.

I picked up speed and really started to drill your pussy.

“Oh my god baby, yes, keep fucking me like that,” You gasped as I felt your pussy starting to tighten up, “Please, don’t stop! I’m cummming!!”

“Oh fuck, yes, I wanna feel it cum around my dick!” I groaned as I kept pounding away at your pussy.

There was a warm explosion in your pussy and, as your hips rose off the seat, I could feel your pussy clamp down and squeeze my dick out of you.

I gave you a moment for the aftershocks to pass and then I slid back in and started pumping away. You had your right foot on the roof of the car and the left foot through the sunroof.

I started groaning as I got closer to cumming.

“Oh yes, baby…cum in my pussy,” You moaned. “Let me feel you cum in my pussy!”

At that moment, a bright light from a police car flooded the road with light.

“Oh shit!!” we both exclaimed!

We did our best to cover up before he walked over to the car.

"Can you both step out of the car please?" He asked, and he watched as we stepped out of the car fixing our clothes as we stepped out.

"May I see both of your I.D. please?" He asked. We handed over our I.D. and he stared at you for just a moment or so.

"You're 17 years old?" And then he looked at me, "And you're 20"

This shocked me. I gasped, and just shook my head. I did not know I was fucking with a jail bait. I could have swore you were in your early twenties.

"You're both going to have to come with me." He said softly, taking out his handcuffs.

This was terrifying, my mind was filled with bad thoughts. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!

You turned back to the cop and whimpered. "Please, no. My mom would kill me"

"I'm sorry to hear that, but every action has a consequence." He said simply as he lead us to the car.

Luckily no charges were pressed on me, your mother just told me to stay away from you or else.

I thanked her and told her, "Don't worry, I learned my lesson."

The End.